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Cheap mirrors, cheap is expensive?

A mirror is a mirror, right?

The answer is NO. There is a huge difference in the quality of a mirror frame and the mirror glass.
This has everything to do with the way it is produced and often also where it is produced.
Cheap mirrors will not have safety glass, are often deformed and the colour fastness is not good.
Cheap mirror glass often comes from Turkey, China and Egypt.

Colour fastness of the mirror glass

With cheap mirror glass, cheap materials are used.
Therefore, the mirror glass will not be de-ironed and will have a yellow or green glow.
This will affect the colour fastness of the mirror and the colour white may be grey in the mirror image.
Lifespan cheap mirror frame
Cheap mirrors often have a shorter lifespan.

Because of the thinner glass it will break sooner and that is dangerous! Mirror glass is namely even sharper than normal glass.
In addition, the frame is often made of cheap materials such as plastic or PU (PU = pur, yes really pur from a spray can). The frame is also not coloured with gold leaf or silver leaf but with a cheap spray paint.

Due to mass production, limited choice for the customer and concessions to quality, these mirrors can be offered cheaply. 
When you have had enough of it, a cheap mirror is thrown away because it has no value anymore, which is a pity and bad for the environment.

What is the difference between a cheap and a expensive mirror frame?

An expensive mirror frame is made of knot-free and soft wood, for example Robinia or Ayous. An expensive mirror frame is made of solid wood.
Where to buy a quality mirror?
Frames of expensive mirrors come from Europe like Italy and are made of high quality materials like pure wood and Eco mirror glass with faceted edge.

If you like durable, quality, exclusivity and a beautiful mirror you better save up and buy a quality mirror. 
Expensive mirrors are hand made and hand coloured, therefore they keep their value and are the antiques of the future.

Some tips for buying a quality mirror

1. Ask if the frame is made of solid wood.
2. Ask whether it has safety mirror glass
3. Ask whether it is ECO mirror glass or where the mirror glass is made
4. Ask if it is de-ironed mirror glass and glass without lead and copper
5. Ask where the frame is made. Often, rods are made in the Far East and cut and slit in the Netherlands, so it is the same mass production but it seems that it is made in the Netherlands.

Prices mirrors on comparison sites

If you want to buy a mirror online you can compare prices via comparison sites. 
Comparison sites only compare price differences and not the price-quality ratio!

This means that the consumer has to decide what his or her wishes are concerning the quality and should not be misled by nice stories.
Still many large mirrors are offered of poor quality without safety glass and with glass that still contains lead and copper.

Read the "Forum hang cheap mirror" with the problems that can occur when buying a cheap mirror.

So pay attention when you buy a mirror.
If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. strives for perfection and is known for the good quality of the mirror frame as the Eco and safe mirror glass!

Read all about our quality mirrors here

With mirror greetings,

The mirror stylist of Baroque Mirror

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