Our aim is to satisfy every customer.

You may cancel or exchange your order without giving reasons within 14 days within the so-called "cooling-off period".
The period of 14 days starts on the day after receipt by or on behalf of the consumer, after that your order is final.
This is regulated by law in the "Distance Selling Act" for the protection of consumers.

Please notify us if you wish to make use of the right of return.
You can do this by telephone on 0031 (0)6 21516836 or via our e-mail address [email protected].
Or you can use the model withdrawal form.

* The right of return does not apply to products which are not in stock but are made or coloured specially for you on order.

Do you want to return or exchange your purchase?

If you want to return or exchange your purchase, please contact
Indicate that you want to return or exchange your product and we will arrange everything for you.
Returning or exchanging the product is only possible, unused, undamaged and in the original packaging.
The product may only be opened or used to the extent necessary to judge whether you wish to keep the product.

A return has to be transported in the same way as you received the mirror, this is in most cases with specialized transport.
(If you want to return or exchange the mirror with your own transport, please contact us).
We will arrange the transport for you and will deduct the costs from the refund of the purchase price.

The costs for a return shipment of specialised transport are as follows:

Length or width up to 1.5 metres €30
Length or width between 1.5 and 1.9 metres €40
Length or width between 1.9 and 2.1 metres €50.

A surcharge of €30 is applicable to returns to Belgium.

The cost and risk of the return shipment are for your own account.
As soon as we have received your return shipment, it will be unpacked and checked.
If there is no damage, the purchase price minus the return costs will be transferred to your bank account within 5 working days.
In case of an exchange, the product will be exchanged immediately upon collection.

Prevent damage with a return shipment

We ask you to send the return shipment in the original packaging.
This is because the chance of damage is considerably higher without this packaging.
In addition, a return shipment is only possible in the original packaging.

Guarantee period of 2 years

Because our mirrors meet the highest requirements with regard to choice of material and processing, we give a guarantee of 2 years. 
We hereby guarantee that each delivered product is offered according to the generally applicable guidelines of soundness and usability.
All our products currently comply with European regulations.

2. The guarantee period shall commence on the first day of delivery.

In order to make a claim under the warranty, the invoice, which must show the date of purchase, must be presented.
The warranty period shall not be extended or renewed by a repair during the warranty period.

3. The following are excluded from the warranty

a.Normal wear and tear of the mirror
b. Differences in colour and tint in those cases where mirrors are combined with other mirrors
Furthermore, the guarantee cannot be invoked if the mirror has been modified or repaired by a third party or if any changes have been made to the mirror.
c. Damage or defects due to poor maintenance, external causes or incorrect use. An external cause is also understood to be the aggressiveness of moisture and water, lightning, strong wind, extreme cold or overheating and any damage caused as a result thereof.
d. The article must be checked upon delivery for completeness and any damage. After the product has been delivered and installed, we are no longer liable for any damage.
e. Assembly and disassembly costs are not covered by the guarantee; nor are costs arising directly or indirectly from assembly or disassembly.

4. The warranty includes the following points:

If the complaint is well-founded, Baroque Mirror reserves the right to choose between repairing the damage, replacing the product or reimbursing the possible loss of value.
In cases where the products that need to be replaced are no longer available, Barokspiegel will offer an alternative that is the most similar in design to the original item.

Barokspiegel will investigate the complaint immediately after it has been registered.
Barokspiegel can never be held liable for consequential damage. Consequential damage does not include work on walls and/or floors and similar work which is necessary in order to restore the original condition.

The guarantee is only valid if the products of Barokspiegel are installed according to the mounting instructions.