spiegelatelier barokspiegel

We believe that the world is good for us if we are good for the world, which is why we create mirrors that feel good for everyone.
Good for people, animals and the environment.
Good for private and business markets.
Good through passionate craftsmanship and a high-quality product.

Where are we located

Barokspiegel is based in Hommerts (Sneek).

This is where our mirror workshop is located.
You can collect your mirror here and/or come and view it by appointment.

Our concern for the environment

Environmental awareness and sustainability are of paramount importance to us, and we have always made and will continue to make great efforts in negotiations with our manufacturers.

Production close to home

The production of our mirrors is done in Europe, more specifically at the source where the craft of investing with gold and silver leaf originated, namely Italy.

We at Baroque Mirror have studied all the traditional and authentic processes required to produce mirrors of the highest quality.

We have also thought about responsible mirror glass

We work with ECO Miralite Pure mirror glass, the advantages of which are:

Consists of at least 30% recycled glass;
Is produced without toxic substances such as copper, lead and plastic components
Has a proven unique quality, and a long lifespan.
Is environmentally friendly.

MIRALITE PURE can therefore also be recycled without any problems.

We at Barokspiegel® ensure that all our mirrors comply with our strict conditions and quality requirements

Good for humans, animals and the environment
The people who make our mirrors are also not exploited.
The mirrors are produced in Europe under normal and good working conditions.

In short, in a mirror from Barokspiegel® you can look at yourself with peace of mind.