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Our Mirrors are Unique and Exclusive!


Discover all Barokspiegel® mirrors in the different styles, even if you don't like Baroque.
Looking for a modern framed mirror for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or hall? Then we have a large range of mirrors with a wide choice of styles, colours and sizes and free advice from our stylist.

Ordering a mirror online at Barokspiegel®

A mirror from Barokspiegel® assures you of high quality. All our mirror frames are crafted and coloured from raw wood. This is so much more than a framer who only cuts mitres. 
We do not deliver mirrors from boxes or our warehouse but from our hands!

Every mirror features durable safe and ecological mirror glass without lead and copper!
Safe with foil behind the mirror glass so that if broken, the broken pieces do not fall down.

Buy a mirror in a mirror shop

Besides our online mirror shop, you can also visit our mirror shop / mirror workshop. 
Here you can see and feel all the frames also view the mirrors in different shapes and sizes.

Mirrors in all sizes

We offer a wide range in large mirrors Most mirrors can be ordered in 11 sizes for example 75x100, 60x160, 80x180 and 100x200cm but also a custom made mirror is possible.
A large mirror is a luxury fitting mirror and is often used in the hall, bedroom, dressing or dressing room.

Mirrors and health

A safe mirror is a durable mirror with safety film, i.e. without lead and copper, that complies with the Decopaint directive and the EN1036 standard.

Mirrors can be harmful to health in many ways.

  • Very aggressive substances such as solvents and Xylene are used in the production (in the case of non-durable) of mirrors
  • Mirrors with lead and copper give off toxic substances at a certain heat that can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation (source saint gobain)
  • A broken mirror without safety film can cause serious injury
    You want to drive a car and live in a house with safe glass, don't you?

Why buy a mirror from Barokspiegel®?

  • All styles, sizes and customisation for individuals and companies

  • Made from source 100% in Europe

  • We have over 12 years of experience in making mirrors!

  • Highest quality with Safe and Durable mirror glass!

  • As a manufacturer, we make everything from our own production

  • Customers rate us with a 9.8