At Barokspiegel we also help you with practical matters concerning the hanging of your mirror.

Mirror hanging service by professional craftsman

Would you like to hang up your mirror?
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Advice for hanging up a "big" mirror by yourself

Manual for hanging mirrors with frame

General advice:

Are there two horizontal or vertical hanging brackets attached to your mirror?
If so, use both brackets for hanging the mirror, see the description below.
If there is only one bracket mounted on the mirror, you can hang the mirror from one point.
On average, small mirrors and round-oval mirrors with a weight of up to 10 kilo can be hung on 1 point.
(Usually one suspension eye is attached to the back of the mirror or a suspension eye is included in the delivery).

Hanging mirrors from 10 kilo

From an average of 10 kilo you can choose to hang the mirror on two hanging points.
From 15 kilo we advise to hang the mirror on two suspension points.
Hanging a mirror
Is a mirror provided with two hanging eyes, right and left, use them both.
1. With large and heavy mirrors always use two suspension points in order to distribute the weight well!
2. Hang the mirror on the wall with two hanging points.
3. Draw the positions of the drill holes on the wall, which should be exactly horizontal (spirit level!).

Never hang a large and heavy mirror weighing more than 15 kilo on one suspension point or on a rope!
This way the weight is not distributed properly and there is too much pressure on the upper screws, which can tear and cause the mirror to fall off the wall.
If you choose to hang the mirror on a rope, choose for two suspension points.
With this option it is easier to hang the mirror straight because of the play in the rope.
Nylon rope is the strongest.
See the drawing below.

Warranty conditions

Baroque Mirror points out that hanging the mirror yourself is at your own risk.
Please take all necessary measures for your safety.