Discover the quality mirrors from Barokspiegel®

Durable quality mirrors with corner-finished mirror frames

What is a good quality mirror and why?

Verify well the quality when you buy a mirror from a shop or the internet. From a photo, you cannot tell whether it has Eco and safe mirror glass, what screws have been used and whether the back is made of solid or hollow wood. Chinese copies are very widely sold and creating false suggestions in online shops is unfortunately also order of the day.
Therefore, buy from a registered brand that takes responsibility and stands for quality!

At Baroque Mirror®, we have spent 12 years developing our product in terms of innovation, safety, production, ECO, Transport etc. etc.

Baroque Mirror® is a registered trademark and stands for quality!

What quality we explain here.

Quality mirror glass from Baroque Mirror®

Wrong lighting and "wrong" mirrors give wrong shadows, make you look fatter, are not colourfast, make it look like there are spots on your skin, give a distorted image.

That is why we choose the best quality!

Our mirror glass comes from the French manufacturer Saint Gobain, we always work with SUSTAINABLE ECO and with Miralite Pure mirror glass.

  • Mirror glass without lead and copper

(Lead is a powerful corrosion inhibitor traditionally used in the paint on the back of the mirror. It is polluting and can lead to health problems)

  • 30%+ recycled
  • Durability

(Additional treatment so that the silver film is not affected by moisture)

  • Safety mirror glass

(This is to prevent serious injury if broken)

  • Colour fastness and extra-clear mirror glass

(Good colourfastness means unadulterated contours without hard shadows. The mirror image is particularly sharp and suitable for what we all do in front of a bathroom mirror such as shaving or applying make-up)

  • 70% less solvents & no aromatic solvents (xylene)

(Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde are chemical compounds released at ambient temperatures and can cause health problems such as eye irritation and breathing difficulties, for example) SOURCE SAINT-GOBAIN

Durability far exceeds the minimum requirements of NBN EN 1036

(Requirements for the quality of interior mirrors (glass in construction)

Safe mirror glass from Baroque Mirror®

Ever thought what could happen in an accident with a large mirror?
Do you know that in construction it is REQUIRED to use safety glass or tempered glass 2 metres from the ground.

Case study

We can give plenty of examples because we also put new mirror glass in wooden mirror frames.
I was once called by a lady, in the hall hung a large mirror with a beautiful frame. Her little daughter was imitating a tic-toc movie and hit her elbow hard in the middle of the mirror. The mirror glass was broken. Fortunately, there were no accidents in this case.
We put in new and safe mirror glass for her.

What I also remember very well is that my friend from before in a restaurant ran through a glass front, she was maimed for her life. It is therefore good that there are requirements for safe and tempered glass however, mirror glass is even more dangerous and there are no requirements for that (yet).

Small children always hit and break something. And breaking a mirror is no exception, even a mirror in the bathroom.

We always use safety mirrors with large and high mirrors!

Large and high mirrors, mirrors in a hair salon, restaurant or hotel and fitting mirrors in a shop should be worked with safety glass because there is a greater risk of injury to third parties.

Suppose a mirror breaks then pieces of sharp mirror glass can fall down.
Mirror glass is even sharper than ordinary glass! It is razor sharp and can cause ugly cuts.
2x stronger screws

At Baroque Mirror, we work with special screws from Rotadrill®.
These screws are made of the special stainless steel type ''RVS-410''; and are up to twice as strong as the 'ordinary' RVS-A2 screws.

Our suspension brackets also come specially from Italy and are suitable for the correct weight of the mirror.

Dust-free finish and against damage

The 4mm MDF back panel is secured with small nails. Despite being headless nails, they can be sharp. To prevent damage to the wall when hanging, we use special sealing tape when finishing. 
This also helps prevent dust from getting behind or between the mirror and the mirror frame.

Wooden mirror frame

We do NOT work with plastic, foam or polyurethane. Of course, we also do NOT use hardwood and NO wood from tropical forests.

At Baroque Mirror we only work with pure wood, specially grown Robinia wood, Ayous wood, recycled wood with wood paste and PEFC wood.

What is a good quality mirror frame and why?
Sawn frame or over the corner finished frames

There are mirror frames that are produced/made in different ways.

The most common way is that wooden rods 3 metres long are made first, then these rods are machined and coloured.
When ordering a mirror, the bars are mitred and assembled with staples and glue. This is also how frame-makers do it.
In this case, you will always have to deal with mitred joints that do not match the ornament.
With deeply blushed mouldings, you may end up with a 1 cm difference on an ornament.
If you pick a frame with a less high ornament, the depth difference at the corners will be less.
These mirror frames are cheaper than over the corner frames because there is much less handwork and sawing loss (residual material).

Over corner mirror frames
There is also another method of production, these are over the corners finished mouldings with or without ornaments.
The process in this case is that a frame is first made in its entirety. Mitre sawed and stapled, the wood is still blank.
Then ornaments are manually applied to the frame and then the frame is manually coloured.

Our quality mirrors are all fully handmade and coloured in Northern Italy so you won't see a mitred seam, these are real quality frames (Also called museum frames)!

Looking in a mirror from Barokspiegel® gives you a smile, because you enjoy the most beautiful reflection, is durable, safe, good for people, animals and the environment and retains its value!

With warm mirror greetings!


Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Paride Black
12 sizes from 70 cm to 170, 200, 220 cm and made-to-measure
Wooden frame in matt black or high-gloss black
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Letizia
Luxury mirror 107x207 high or wide
Wooden frame and customisation possible!
Available in 9 colours
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Luciana
4 sizes from 75 cm to 185 cm
Fireplace, wall or floor mirror
8 colours of wooden frame and hand-gilded
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
8 sizes from 90cm to 150, 180, 230 cm high or wide!
Rustic in shabby black, grey and gold tones
Sturdy wall, mantel or bathroom mirror
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Marciano
Classic mirror decorated with ornaments
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet
Italian design
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Adriane
9 colours and 7 sizes from 50 cm to 180 cm in size
Full length mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Hanging horizontally or vertically
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Leontina
5 sizes from 65 cm to 100, 150 cm high or wide
5 colours-solid wood-measurement POSSIBLE!
100% handmade in Italy and ECO mirror glass!
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Carlo Venezia
10 sizes from 65cm to 95x195 cm high or wide
7 colours black, white, (antique) silver and gold
Customisation possible and ECO facet mirror glass
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Romano
11 sizes from 90cm to 2.30 metres high or wide and made-to-measure
7 colours, ECO glass and handmade in Italy
Solid wood frame of 14 cm and tightly finished
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Agnese
5 sizes from 40 cm to 90 cm
Available in 9 colours
Solid wood frame5 sizes from 40 cm to 90 cm
Solid wood in 9 colours
mantel mirror-hall mirror-bathroom mirror
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Quirino
2 sizes 85x114 and 85x205 cm high
Wooden frame choice of 5 colours
Hall, Mantel or full length mirror or in luxury bathroom
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Paride
12 sizes from 70 cm to 170, 200, 220 cm high or wide
6 colours and customisation possible
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Leonardo
12 sizes from 70 cm to 220 cm high or wide
8 colours in black, white, silver or gold
Sturdy mantel mirror, full length mirror or bathroom mirror
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Osvaldo
Baroque mirror with corner ornaments
Hand gilded
Italian design
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Basilio
two colored mirror frame
hand colored in Italy
faceted glass
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Mauro
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Pico
Timeless, minimalist and classy
Narrow list from Italy with pearl edging
Unique and only for sale here
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Pepino Gold
8 sizes or made-to-measure from Italy
Solid wood frame hand-gilded in LIGHT GOLD
Durable eco safe glass with facet
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Pepino Bright Silver
8 sizes or custom-made from Italy
Solid wood frame hand-gilded bright silver
Durable eco-friendly faceted glass
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Guido
Italian mirror classic baroque
Miralite pure glass with facet
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Paola
Mirror frame from solid Robinia wood
A unique piece of Italian craftsmanship, handmade and coloured
Custom-made with or without corner ornaments
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Romeo
Bow mirror 66 cm wide and 88 cm high
Solid wood frame in 8 colours
ECO durable mirror glass Handmade in Italy
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Raul
Can be made with or without a corner ornament
Choose from 6 colors!
Italian customization
Barokspiegel® Made in Italy
Mirror Agostina
Made of solid wood and origin Italy
Faceted and Miralite Pure mirror glass
Artisanal colored and customization possible