Discover customised wooden mirrors large or small from Barokspiegel®

Private Collection

Mirror Edmundo Black matt
8 sizes from 80 cm to 170 and over 2 metres high or wide
Solid wood frame in matt black, made-to-measure possible
Hall mirror, mantel mirror, bathroom mirror
Mirror Olimpia
10 sizes from 70cm to 2 meters!
Italian design with a natural look.
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet.
Mirror Letizia
Luxury mirror 107x207 high or wide
Wooden frame and customisation possible!
Available in 9 colours
Mirror Leontina
5 sizes from 65 cm to 100, 150 cm high or wide
5 colours-solid wood-measurement POSSIBLE!
100% handmade in Italy and ECO mirror glass!
Mirror Sorella
Known from architecture worldwide
11 sizes high or wide and customisation possible larger than 2 metres!
Solid wood in the colours black, white, silver or gold
Mirror Speranza
11 sizes from 70 cm to 100 x 200 cm high or wide
6 colours black, white, gold-plated and silver
Modern dressing mirror or wall mirror
Mirror Leonardo
High finish level
Chic and lively
Italian customization
Mirror Mauro
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
Mirror Romano
11 sizes from 90cm to 2.30 metres high or wide and made-to-measure
7 colours, ECO glass and handmade in Italy
Solid wood frame of 14 cm and tightly finished
Mirror Carlo Venezia
10 sizes from 65cm to 95x195 cm high or wide
7 colours black, white, (antique) silver and gold
Customisation possible and ECO facet mirror glass
Mirror Roberta
ornament of leaf pattern
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
facetted glass
Mirror Paride
12 sizes from 70 cm to 170, 200, 220 cm high or wide
6 colours and customisation possible
Mirror Sonia
Mirror frame from solid Robinia wood
A unique piece of Italian craftsmanship, handmade and coloured
Facetted glass
Mirror Pepino Gold
8 sizes or made-to-measure from Italy
Solid wood frame hand-gilded in LIGHT GOLD
Durable eco safe glass with facet
Mirror Samanta
Exclusive Italian design
High quality
Mirror Paola
Mirror frame from solid Robinia wood
A unique piece of Italian craftsmanship, handmade and coloured
Custom-made with or without corner ornaments
Mirror Marciano
Classic mirror decorated with ornaments
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet
Italian design
Mirror Perla
high level of finish
faceted glass
choice of 6 colours
Mirror Basilio
two colored mirror frame
hand colored in Italy
faceted glass
Mirror Guido
Italian mirror classic baroque
Miralite pure glass with facet
Mirror Natale
Very refined and subtle ornamentation
Available in 8 sizes, from a wall mirror to a living room mirror
Authentic Italian craftsmanship
Mirror Pico
Timeless, minimalist and classy
Narrow list from Italy with pearl edging
Unique and only for sale here
Mirror Enzo
Made of solid wood and hand-coloured
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Made to measure
Mirror Osvaldo
Baroque mirror with corner ornaments
Hand gilded
Italian design

Mirrors made to measure for you

with a wide choice of frame models and mirror glass.

Bronze, anthracite or extra clear mirror glass? With or without bevel?
Brocante, baroque, industrial, concrete look, you name it, we have a huge range of custom mirrors.

Request a video consultation via email and we will personally help you choose the perfect mirror.

Our custom collection has over 1000 frames that are not all in our web store but we can offer you exclusively.

With a made-to-measure mirror you have an extra unique piece in your home. Apart from the fact that our frames are not available anywhere else, you can adjust them to your wishes. This makes the mirror 'one of a kind' and really a mirror to your taste and style.

What does a custom-made mirror mean exactly?

A custom-made mirror means that you can deviate from the fixed sizes that are mentioned on the website. This is possible with many of our frames. Are you looking for an extra large mirror? We can make large mirrors to measure from 180 cm to 2 metres. With a small selection of our frames, it is even possible to make a mirror of 170 x 230 cm!

Above you find a selection of our collection. Have you seen another mirror that you would like to have made to measure? Please contact us for the possibilities. In the description of the mirror it is often indicated whether this is possible.

Do you have certain wishes concerning the colour of the frame? With our Venetian mirrors it is also possible to make changes.

Adjustments in the mirror glass

Apart from choosing the desired size, you also have a choice in the mirror glass. We also offer the possibility of bronze, silver or anthracite tinted glass! Exclusive and atmospheric. You can find an example of a mirror with bronze tinted glass in mirror Lucerne. It is also possible to choose faceted or flat glass. 

Why buy a custom mirror at

Choice of over 600 frame angles, also an exclusive range which is not listed in the online web store.
Miralite pure mirror glass (extra clear, without lead and copper, 30% recycled, 1035 standard)
Large mirrors, extra thick and safe glass
Suspension brackets mounted horizontally and vertically
Free specialist transport in NL (BE a small shipping contribution)

2 years guarantee
Unique and exclusive range
High quality materials

Need help choosing a mirror?

We are at your service with practical tips, technical assistance and free styling advice.