Venetian Mirrors, exclusive handicrafted mirrors

Unique Italian mirrors with over 75 years of craftsmanship! Beautiful ornate but also modern mirrors, large and small. Can be ordered exclusively at Barokspiegel

Milano chic

Discover Venetian mirrors with their beautiful authentic handcraft and timeless look.
With the natural finish, each mirror has its own character.

The Italian collection of mirrors is sustainable, affordable, innovative, artisanal and crystal clear!

-18% Mirror Luciana
Mirror Luciana
Made of solid wood and hand-colored
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Customization possible
€439,95 €359,95
-15% Mirror Adriane
Mirror Adriane
Elegant Mediterranean baroque
Timeless look
Authentically artisan colored
€259,95 €219,95
-15% Mirror Ambra
Mirror Ambra
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Italian design
€259,95 €219,95
-20% Mirror Agnese
Mirror Agnese
€299,95 €239,95
-19% Mirror Leontina
Mirror Leontina
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Grown Robinia wood
€429,95 €349,95
-27% Mirror Olimpia
Mirror Olimpia
Richly decorated frame.
Italian design with a natural look.
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet.
€299,95 €219,95
-12% Mirror Letizia
Mirror Letizia
Made of solid wood and origin Italy
Faceted glass and Miralite Pure glass
Hand colored
€1.069,95 €939,95
-29% Mirror Sorella
Mirror Sorella
Italian Baroque
artisanal made of solid wood
€339,95 €239,95
-29% Mirror Santa
Mirror Santa
Richly ornamented frame
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
facetted glass
€339,95 €239,95
-11% Mirror Benedetta
Mirror Benedetta
5 formats
5 colors
Handmade from solid wood
€179,95 €159,95
-16% Mirror Romeo
Mirror Romeo
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Italian design
€309,95 €259,95
-13% Mirror Quirino
Mirror Quirino
Opulent mirror in rococo style
hand colored with gold or silver leaf metal strike
faceted mirror glass
€689,95 €599,95
-23% Mirror Roberta
Mirror Roberta
ornament of leaf pattern
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
facetted glass
€259,95 €199,95
-11% Mirror Fernandina
Mirror Fernandina
€179,95 €159,95
-16% Mirror Bella
Mirror Bella
Stylish wooden frame
Hand-made and colored
Charming details of flower and leaf motif
€509,95 €429,95
-13% Mirror Brunella
Mirror Brunella
Modern classic border of 9 cm
Round frame made of solid wood
Choose from 9 colors
€389,95 €339,95
-13% Mirror Isabella
Mirror Isabella
€239,95 €209,95
-12% Mirror Liona
Mirror Liona
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure Glass
Made of solid wood and hand stained
Customization possible
€329,95 €289,95
-16% Mirror Agostina
Mirror Agostina
Made of solid wood and origin Italy
Faceted and Miralite Pure mirror glass
Artisanal colored and customization possible
€429,95 €359,95
-29% Mirror Paola
Mirror Paola
Mirror frame from solid Robinia wood
A unique piece of Italian craftsmanship, handmade and coloured
Custom-made with or without corner ornaments
€509,95 €359,95
-16% Mirror Marina
Mirror Marina
versatile oval mirror
faceted glass
traditionally produced in Italy
€309,95 €259,95
-11% Mirror Gilda
Mirror Gilda
Romantic style
Wooden frame with bow
Timeless model
€189,95 €169,95
-19% Mirror Celia
Mirror Celia
€589,95 €479,95
-25% Mirror Valentina
Mirror Valentina
traditionally hand-coloured
faceted glass
high-quality finish
€529,95 €399,95

Why buy a Venetian mirror at

100% made in the mirror workshop Di Biase Cornici in Northern Italy
Miralite pure mirror glass (extra clear, without lead and copper, 30% recycled, 1035 standard)
Large mirrors, extra thick and safe glass
Suspension brackets mounted horizontally and vertically
Free specialized transport in NL (BE a small shipping contribution)

2 years guarantee
Unique and exclusive range
High quality materials
Handcrafted from own production
Fair price, no charges to wholesaler or importer

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