Quality mirror glass from Baroque Mirror®

Our mirror glass comes from the French manufacturer Saint Gobain, we work with Miralite Pure

  • Mirror glass extra clear without lead and copper
  • 30%+ recycled
  • 70% less solvents & no aromatic solvents (xylene)

Durability exceeds by far the minimum requirements of NBN EN 1036


Safe mirror glass from Baroque Mirror®

Ever thought about what can happen in case of an accident with a large mirror?
Do you know that in the construction industry it is PROHIBITED to use safety glass or hardened glass 2 metres from the ground?

Case study

We can give plenty of examples because we also put new mirror glass in wooden mirror frames.
I once got a call from a lady, in the hall hung a large mirror with a beautiful frame. Her little daughter was acting out a tik-tok movie and banged her elbow hard in the middle of the mirror. The mirror glass was broken. Fortunately, in this case no accidents happened.
We put new and safe mirror glass in the frame for her.

What I also remember very well is that my old friend in a restaurant ran through a glass door, she was maimed for life. It is therefore good that there are requirements for safe and tempered glass, but mirror glass is even more dangerous and there are no requirements for it (yet).

Small children always hit and break something. And breaking a mirror is no exception.

We always use safety mirrors for large and high mirrors!

Large and high mirrors, mirrors in a hairdressing salon, restaurant or hotel and fitting mirrors in a shop should be fitted with safety glass because the risk of injury to third parties is higher.

If a mirror breaks, pieces of sharp mirror glass can fall down.
Mirror glass is even sharper than normal glass! It is razor-sharp and can cause nasty cuts.



4mm PEFC MDF backing plate, no board.
This backing plate is glued to the mirror glass with special acid-free mirror glue for extra firmness, extra safe mirror glass and less chance of breakage.

Screws from Germany by Rota Dril

Suspension brackets from Italy suitable for the right weight of the mirror

Special sealing tape so you don't damage the walls with the nail heads and no dust can get behind the mirror glass.

Wooden mirror frame

We do not work with plastic, foam or polyurethane. Of course we also do not use hardwood from tropical forests.

At Barokspiegel we only work with pure wood, specially grown Robinia wood, Ayous wood, recycled wood with wood paste and PEFC wood.