Beautiful mirrors also make your customers feel good

When decorating your store, it is important to determine the style of your store. So too when choosing a mirror. Get inspired with our wide choice of styles, colors and shapes of mirrors.

Mooie spiegel in winkel bruidsmodezaak

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Mirror Enzo is a large modern mirror with a beautifully shaped frame.
The understated but beautifully shaped design of this mirror frame makes this mirror very suitable as a floor mirror in a store.
This floor mirror gives the right charm as a floor mirror but you can also hang the mirror.

Grote zwarte passpiegel in winkel

Moderne passpiegel zwart in winkel

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The style of your store.

That's the first thing you think about when decorating your store. What do you want to radiate? What target group do I want to attract? What style do you want to exude? Beautiful mirrors also give your customers a good feeling. 

At you have a wide choice of different mirror styles, shapes and colors.  There is a wide choice of classic mirrors, baroque mirrors, modern mirrors, industrial mirrors, design mirrors and brocante mirrors for your store, business or boutique. This in the colors white, black, gold, antique gold, silver, stainless steel - bright silver and antique silver.

What is the function of the mirror in your store?

For example, do you want to create more atmosphere and reinforce the style of your brand through a mirror?

You can do this nicely with shape. A curved, round or oval mirror adds a lot of atmosphere. You can also choose a wide or narrow frame. If it suits your business, you can also distinguish yourself with an ornate crest mirror. We even have a crested mirror of 2 meters high!

The mirror also often has another function in your store. In a clothing store you will quickly opt for a large mirror. In a glasses store for example, this can be a smaller size. In many stores it is also important that the mirror glass is clear and displays the right colors and shapes. For this you are also at the right place at All our mirrors are equipped with Miralite Pure extra-clear mirror glass that does not distort.

There are several mirror sizes possible with us:

- Small mirrors of 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm
- Oval mirror from 60cm to 85cm with a wide or narrow edge.
- Wall mirrors from 70cm, 80cm, 90cm to 180cm.

- Fitting mirrors long, narrow and high from 40cm, 50cm 60cm to 180cm, 200cm, 210cm, 220cm, 230cm.
- Crested mirrors small and large up to 75cm (With the exception of the crested mirror of 2 meters high).
- Modern mirrors with a maximum size of 170cm x 230cm. 

We offer 15 sizes of mirror glass as standard. 30x40 cm, 30x120 cm, 30x150 cm 40x50 cm, 50x60 cm 50x75 cm, 60x90 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x150 cm, 60x180 cm 75x100 cm, 80x180 cm 90x120 cm, 90x150 cm, 100x200 cm. The outer size of the mirror edge depends on the frame width.

Do you have additional questions or need advice for choosing the right mirror for your store? Please feel free to contact us by phone or WhatsApp at 06-21516836. You can also email us at [email protected]

With mirror greetings,

Mirror stylist at barokspiegel.

* This page is still under construction, want more mirror inspiration? Then come back soon. *

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-11% Mirror Edmundo Black matt
Mirror Edmundo Black matt
Low price!
Elegant and Chique
Solid wood finished in black matt
€439,95 €389,95
-28% Mirror Nino
Mirror Nino
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Simple but tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€179,95 €129,95
-15% Mirror Adriane
Mirror Adriane
Elegant Mediterranean baroque
Timeless look
Authentically artisan colored
€259,95 €219,95
-16% Mirror Rufino
Mirror Rufino
Finished with a nice crest
Tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€319,95 €269,95
-12% Mirror Letizia
Mirror Letizia
Made of solid wood and origin Italy
Faceted glass and Miralite Pure glass
Hand colored
€1.069,95 €939,95
-29% Mirror Sorella
Mirror Sorella
Italian Baroque
artisanal made of solid wood
€339,95 €239,95
-19% Mirror Leontina
Mirror Leontina
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Grown Robinia wood
€429,95 €349,95
-21% Mirror Prague Black gloss
Mirror Prague Black gloss
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-13% Mirror Romano
Mirror Romano
Wide frame of 14 cm and tightly finished
Use as floor mirror or wall mirror
European product made according to traditional methods
€529,95 €459,95
-18% Mirror Luciana
Mirror Luciana
Made of solid wood and hand-colored
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Customization possible
€439,95 €359,95
-12% Mirror Mauro
Mirror Mauro
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
€499,95 €439,95
-12% Mirror Antonio Napoli
Mirror Antonio Napoli
Characteristic tough baroque mirror
Handmade and colored in Italy
Solid wood and customization possible
€499,95 €439,95
-21% Mirror Prague Burned silver
Mirror Prague Burned silver
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-24% Mirror Paride
Mirror Paride
made of solid Robinia wood
hand-coloured with gold or silver leaf metal
facet cut glass
€579,95 €439,95
-16% Mirror Oriana
Mirror Oriana
Oval mirror with a length of 120 cm!
In dreaded flat to the wall hangers
Authentically made in Italy
€509,95 €429,95
-28% Mirror Nino Antiquegold
Mirror Nino Antiquegold
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Wooden frame and faceted glass
Stained with gold foil and patinated
€179,95 €129,95
-10% Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Brand: "De Zwart Mirrors"
Special and very exclusive mirror
Handmade of very high quality
€489,95 €439,95
-21% Mirror Cesarino
Mirror Cesarino
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Simple but tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€189,95 €149,95
-16% Mirror Carlo Venezia
Mirror Carlo Venezia
Classic Italian mirror
Miralite Pure glass with facet
€319,95 €269,95
-21% Mirror Prague White gloss
Mirror Prague White gloss
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-8% Mirror Lucerne Gold large 93mm
Mirror Lucerne Gold large 93mm
Topaz Gold, the back of the list is taupe
Natural gold color
Can be made in any size
€359,95 €329,95
-18% Mirror Nunzia
Mirror Nunzia
high level of finishing
frame width of no less than 16 cm
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
€329,95 €269,95
-13% Mirror Quirino
Mirror Quirino
Opulent mirror in rococo style
hand colored with gold or silver leaf metal strike
faceted mirror glass
€689,95 €599,95
-15% Mirror Tate Satin black large 76mm
Mirror Tate Satin black large 76mm
€269,95 €229,95