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Barokspiegel Mirror Ethan silver Special offer!
Mirror Ethan silver Special offer!
Best sold
Fast at home
€199,95 €100,00
Barokspiegel Mirror Nino
Mirror Nino
11 sizes from 65 cm to 195 cm
Wooden frame in 6 colours
Finished with bead-pearl border
€229,95 €169,95
Barokspiegel Mirror Ponzio Antiquegold-black
Mirror Ponzio Antiquegold-black
11 sizes from 65 cm to 195 cm
Hall mirror, mantel mirror or wall mirror
Solid wood, colour black with antiquegold
€239,95 €179,95
Barokspiegel Mirror Cesarino
Mirror Cesarino
11 sizes from 65 cm to 195 cm
Wooden frame in 6 colours
Eco faceted glass
€239,95 €179,95
Mirror Adriane
9 colours and 7 sizes from 50 cm to 180 cm in size
Full length mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Hanging horizontally or vertically
Mirror Sergio Burned gold
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large Fitting mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Unique character in burnished gold and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sergio Burned silver
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large Fitting mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Unique character in burnished silver and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sergio White gloss
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large hall mirror or wall mirror
Unique character in high-gloss white and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sergio Black gloss
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large Hall mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Unique character in high-gloss black and eco mirror glass
Mirror Nunzia
high level of finishing
frame width of no less than 16 cm
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
Mirror Carlo Venezia
Classic Italian mirror
Miralite Pure glass with facet
Mirror Oriana
Oval mirror with a length of 120 cm!
In dreaded flat to the wall hangers
Authentically made in Italy
Barokspiegel Mirror Vince Special offer!
Mirror Vince Special offer!
Frame 21 cm Wide
Solid wood
€799,95 €400,00
Mirror Brigida
Luxury oval mirror 70x80cm
Available in 9 colours
Extra-clear faceted eco mirror glass
Mirror Brunella
Modern classic border of 9 cm
Round frame made of solid wood
Choose from 9 colors
Mirror Antonio Napoli Antiqueblack
8 sizes Largest size 225x125 cm!
Solid wood antique black baroque frame
Safe Eco safety glass
Mirror Antonio Napoli
8 sizes from 85cm to 2.25 metres high or wide!
4 colours, black-white-gold and antique-gold
Mirror Matteo Black matt
Big tough mirror black
Also larger than 2 metres
Solid wood in 7 sizes
Mirror Enzo
Made of solid wood and hand-coloured
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Made to measure
Mirror Marciano
Classic mirror decorated with ornaments
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet
Italian design
Mirror Matteo Richgold antique
Large modern sturdy mirror
In 7 sizes from 90 to 230 cm
Solid wood hand-gilded in rich gold
Mirror Romano
Wide frame of 14 cm and tightly finished
Use as floor mirror or wall mirror
European product made according to traditional methods
Mirror Quirino
2 sizes 85x114 and 85x205 cm high
Wooden frame choice of 5 colours
Mantel or full length mirror or in luxury bathroom
Mirror Letizia
Luxury mirror 107x207 high or wide
Wooden frame and customisation possible!
Available in 9 colours

Create a special entrance 

It is a good thing if your hallway or entrance area has a distinct character of its own.
With a mirror in the hall or entrance, you're able to make connections between spaces. In addition a large mirror will optically give you more light and space.
Also, a hallway mirror can give you the feeling that there is more to discover...

High gloss black baroque mirror Sergio in the hallway

Classic oval mirror Brigida

Big hallway mirror Sergio burned gold

Timeless round mirror Brunella
grote ronde spiegel met brede rand zilver in hal

Luxe Italian hallway mirror Letizia

Big modern floor mirror in the hallway

Grote moderne vloerspiegel in hal

Hallway mirror Baroque shabby black

Sober style with this baroque hallway mirror Olimpia

Mooie barok spiegel in sobere hal

Discover more about mirror Francesco

Mediterranean hallway mirror from Italy Adriane

Grote zilveren passpiegel barok in hal

Grote passpiegel in hal goud


Grote passpiegel zilver in hal

Sleek modern mirror Romano for your entrance

Stakke moderne spiegel zilver in hal

Grote zwarte vloerspiegel in hal

Stoere moderne passpiegel in hal

The hallway's function

Making a good first impression. We all want to achieve that. After all, you only have one chance to do this.
Have you ever given thought to the fact that the entrance hall is the first room where you receive your guests? Whether at work or at home? The hall is the room in your house where you leave that first impression for your guests.

For those of you who are now like: 'Thanks Michelle, no pressure here', don't worry. It doesn't has to be complicated. The most important thing to take into consideration is the space radiates a calm atmosphere. Your hallway mirror can contribute perfectly to this. I have put together some tips for you.

A mirror in a narrow hallway

Decorating a small or narrow hallway can feel like a challenge. Especially because you tend to make it too crowded or there doesn't seem to be much room. You want to prevent the space from looking even smaller or narrower because of all the stuff that is there. A mirror can be a good solution, because it can optically make the space look bigger. For an optimal result, place the mirror on a blind wall.

For a narrow hallway, it is also advisable not to choose a wall colour that is too dark. A dark wall makes the room seem even more narrow. However, choosing a light wall colour allows you to make the most of the mirror. A thin frame gives extra peace, but a wide silver mirror, for example, also fits very well.

Do you have a small hall, but it isn't narrow? Then you can combine a mirror with an object. For example, an arched mirror with a table or cabinet underneath, which can be very practical in the hall. A stool, basket or chair can also look very nice next to a larger mirror.

A mirror in a dark hallway

Just as in a small hallway, it is advisable to choose a light wall colour for a dark hallway. A dark hallway also needs sufficient and good lighting. For example, place a nice large hanging lamp above your mirror. The mirror will reflect the light throughout the room. You can also achieve this effect by placing a lamp in front of the mirror. A large floor lamp for instance, or a small lamp on a cabinet or table.

Full length mirror becomes hall mirror

The preceding advice can be applied to both a small and large mirror. If you choose for a full length mirror, then the effect will be even greater.
A full lenght mirror in the hall or entrance is also practical and charming. I myself find it very pleasant to be able to take a quick look in the mirror before I go out. Do you have the space for it? Then you can add extra ambiance by placing a tall plant or a large lamp near the mirror.

Questions or in need of advice? Please feel free to contact us at 06-21516836. 

With mirror greetings,

The mirror stylist of Barokspiegel

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