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Barokspiegel Mirror Ethan black Special offer!
Mirror Ethan black Special offer!
Best sold
Fast at home
€199,95 €100,00
Barokspiegel Mirror Nino
Mirror Nino
11 sizes from 65 cm to 195 cm
Wooden frame in 6 colours
Finished with bead-pearl border
€229,95 €169,95
Barokspiegel Mirror Cesarino
Mirror Cesarino
11 sizes from 65 cm to 195 cm
Wooden frame in 6 colours
Eco faceted glass
€239,95 €179,95
Mirror Santino Silver
Hall mirror, mantel mirror or wall mirror
Solid wood in silver with a touch of burnt umber.
100% made in Europe
Mirror Santino White gloss
Hall mirror, mantel mirror or wall mirror
Solid wood in high-gloss white
100% made in Europe
Mirror Santino Black gloss
Hall mirror, mantel mirror or wall mirror
Solid wood in high-gloss black
100% made in Europe
Mirror Sergio Burned gold
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large Fitting mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Unique character in burnished gold and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sergio Burned silver
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large Fitting mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Unique character in burnished silver and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sergio White gloss
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large hall mirror or wall mirror
Unique character in high-gloss white and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sergio Black gloss
8 sizes from 80 cm to 2 metres high or wide.
Large Hall mirror, wall or mantel mirror
Unique character in high-gloss black and eco mirror glass
Mirror Sorella
Known from architecture worldwide
11 sizes high or wide and customisation possible larger than 2 metres!
Solid wood in the colours black, white, silver or gold
Mirror Rufino
Finished with a nice crest
Tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
Mirror Leonardo
High finish level
Chic and lively
Italian customization
Mirror Antonio Napoli
8 sizes from 85cm to 2.25 metres high or wide!
4 colours, black-white-gold and antique-gold
Mirror Paride
made of solid Robinia wood
hand-coloured with gold or silver leaf metal
facet cut glass
Mirror Matteo Black matt
Big tough mirror black
Also larger than 2 metres
Solid wood in 7 sizes
Mirror Mauro
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
Mirror Enzo
Made of solid wood and hand-coloured
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Made to measure
Mirror Marciano
Classic mirror decorated with ornaments
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet
Italian design
Mirror Francesco
Limited Edition
Choose from 5 colors and 3 sizes
Delivery from stock
Mirror Romano
Wide frame of 14 cm and tightly finished
Use as floor mirror or wall mirror
European product made according to traditional methods
Mirror Raul
Can be made with or without a corner ornament
Choose from 6 colors!
Italian customization
Mirror Quirino
2 sizes 85x114 and 85x205 cm high
Wooden frame choice of 5 colours
Mantel or full length mirror or in luxury bathroom
Mirror Letizia
Luxury mirror 107x207 high or wide
Wooden frame and customisation possible!
Available in 9 colours

Bekijk: zwarte moderne passpiegel Matteo

Baroque mirror Sergio high gloss black

Design mirror Samanta

grote passpiegel design in kleedkamer dressing

Timeless, minimalistic and classy mirror Pico

Italian mirror Santa

Modern mirror Paride

grote passpiegel zilver in kleedkamer, dressing, inloopkast

Thé baroque mirror which fits everywhere..Adriane

Timeless, Italian mirror with cannelure en parels

Modern mirror Enzo

zwarte passpiegel winkel

White full-length mirror Nino

Big mirror baroque Praque classic burned gold

Baroque mirror Ethan

Passpiegel zilver budget aanbieding


Where to place a full length mirror?

The full length mirror is essential in your interior. It is the most functional mirror in your home.  
You often find these large mirrors in the bedroom, hall or walk-in closet. But the ideal place also depends on the type of house you have.
The full length mirror also looks great in the living room, on the landing or even in the kitchen.

As a mirror stylist I like to think 'out of the box' and try to find out where the mirror fits best in the house and meets the wishes and character of the residents. Mirror style and color can play an important role. A modern, industrial mirror with a wide frame in a beautiful old mansion for example. There is also plenty of choice in baroque, classic, brocante and design mirrors.

You can coordinate the colors with the rest of the home. There is a choice of gold, antique gold, silver, stainless steel - bright silver, antique silver, matte black, white, black or white lacquered. 

Case study: consulting where to place the full length mirror

The most important questions you can ask yourself by placing a mirror are: On which locations does the mirror appear at its best and in which places do I meet the mirror at the right moments? For example, I recently styled a large full-length mirror in a one-room flat where the living room, kitchen and bedroom flow into each other from left to right. In the middle of the room (between the living room and kitchen) stands a wall with the door to the hall opposite. This turned out to be the perfect place for the large full length mirror.
We chose a large mirror that fits exactly on this wall to create more light and space in the room. Moreover, she´ll meet the mirror at the right moments. Before she goes somewhere, she can have a look at her outfit and make-up, which exactly fulfils the wishes of the resident.

How big should a fitting mirror be in order to see yourself completely?

The size of the fitting mirror depends on your own length and width but also on whether you hang the fitting mirror or use it as a floor mirror.

The mirror can be 20cm shorter than your own length if you hang the fitting mirror 20cm above the floor.
If you place the fitting mirror on the floor then the mirror should be as long as your own height.

Choose the width of the mirror glass equal to your own width with a minimum of 30-40 cm.
(The average shoulder width of an 18-year old woman is 35 cm and 39 cm for a man).
In the above cases you will always be able to see yourself completely in the mirror.

What size do I choose for my mirror?

We have wall mirrors in different sizes. Long, narrow and high from 40cm, 50cm 60cm to 180cm, 200cm, 210cm, 220cm, 230cm.

Keep in mind that the minimum width for mirror glass for a full length mirror is 30 to 40cm wide. The width of the frame is included. To let the mirror come into its own, you choose a mirror of the desired length and take into account a margin of 10 cm less. Do you also find it important to create more space and light? Then choose an extra large mirror, both in width and height.

How to place the mirror?

This is important to keep in mind! Full lenght mirrors are big and can be very heavy. Our advice is to hang heavy mirrors from 15 kg on two hanging brackets.
Do you choose to place the mirror on the floor and not to hang it? Then we recommend anchoring it to the wall.

Full-length mirror with wide edge or wide frame

Are you looking for a sturdy oblong mirror that also adds something to your own taste and interior?
Then take a look at Matteo, this mirror will be delivered within 3 working days because we have it in stock. You can choose between the colours matt black and rich gold. And how elongated do you want the mirror to be? You can choose for example 88x180cm or do you want the mirror to be even more elongated in the size 88x210 cm? This large mirror is standard available in 8 sizes.

Langwerpige spiegel zwart passpiegel modernLange spiegel zwart passpiegel modern

Elongated mirror with a narrow frame

Do you prefer a minimalistic oblong mirror but a mirror of high quality, handmade and traditionally coloured? Then take a look at the Italian mirror Pico. With mirror Pico you can choose from 8 colours like gold, silver, black and white but you can also choose from 11 sizes or have the mirror custom-made. The standard size is 72x194cm but 50x160cm is also available. This mirror does have a delivery time because it is made to order at a family business with a mirror workshop in Northern Italy.
A mirror of the highest quality, ECO mirror glass and stable value of the trademark Barokspiegel®

Langwerpige passpiegel minimalistisch smalle rand

Elongated mirror with a baroque edge - frame

An oblong mirror with a baroque edge is just as practical and can add a lot to the atmosphere of the room where you place or hang the mirror.
For example Italian baroque mirror Francesco is a Limited Edition baroque mirror available in 6 colours and 3 sizes, for example 86x177cm or 105x205cm. Limited Edition mirror does mean gone = gone.
This large or elongated mirror is very suitable for the bedroom or hall.

Langwerpige passpiegel Brocante in slaapkamerHoge langwerpige  passpiegel zwart slaapkamer

Elongated mirror with a modern tight edge - frame

We also have a super sleek modern oblong mirror, for example Italian mirror Romano. This mirror is handmade in Italy from solid wood (In China they copy this model but this is not solid wood).
In Italy this mirror is coloured with gold leaf or silver leaf. Still pure authentic handicraft! A pearl of a mirror!
This mirror is also available as an oblong mirror model or can be custom made. For example 88x180cm or 127x227cm. 

How to choose the perfect mirror?

We have a wide range of mirrors, both in stock and custom-made in our frame-maker and in our 2 mirror ateliers in Italy. Therefore we give some tips for choosing the perfect mirror.

Where to place a long mirror

First consider the place where you want to place your long-form mirror. A long mirror is often used in the hallway, dressing room and bedroom.
If you have a dark alcove in the living room, it is also very suitable for a long mirror. Also in the bathroom you can create a lot of atmosphere with a long mirror, just a bit different than usual.
Grote langwerpige spiegel passpiegel in badkamer

Long mirror standing or hanging

Do you want to hang the mirror or use it as a floor mirror?
Will you hang the mirror? Do this between 10 and 20 cm above the ground.
Do you want to place the long mirror on the ground? Choose a height of your own height or longer.

Long mirror horizontal or vertical

People usually think that a long mirror should be hung vertically, but nothing is less true. A long mirror can also perfectly be hung horizontally above a sideboard in the living room.
Or horizontally above the bed in the bedroom. Even in the hall above a wainscot you often choose to hang it horizontally.
Make sure that you always hang a large and/or oblong mirror on 2 hooks and never on a rope or wire! See our mirror hanging advice
At we always mount 4 hooks for horizontal and vertical hanging.
Lange spiegel horizontaal boven eettafel

How big should a mirror be in order to see yourself completely?

If you put the mirror on the ground, choose a long mirror of your own length or higher.
If you hang the mirror on the floor you can choose a mirror 20cm shorter than your own length if you hang it 20cm above the floor.
In principle you can see yourself completely in a mirror half of your own length (science) but it is not preferred because then you have a small wall mirror and you have to stand exactly in the right place to see yourself completely.

Long mirror that fits your interior

You can choose the frame or edge of the mirror to match your interior. If, for example, you have a lot of gold in your interior, gold will be a good match. If you like stainless steel, choose the colour Bright Silver, which is the closest match. A long mirror with a black edge fits in a tough or brocante interior.

Free advice mirror stylist

Do you need more help? Contact our mirror stylist.

With mirror greetings,

The mirror stylist of Barokspiegel.