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Mirrors above a fireplace

A suitable mirror for every fireplace, mantelpiece or chimney...

A mantelpiece mirror is a beautiful decoration above the fireplace, on the mantelpiece and has been used for a long time.
A mantelpiece is often classical but above a mantelpiece a modern mirror fits just as well as a classical or baroque mirror.
Some choose a small mirror and others a large oversized mirror above the fireplace.
All shapes are used as a mantelpiece mirror, a mirror with a crest, an arch and even round or oval mirrors are beautiful above the fireplace or mantelpiece.
Choose a mirror and frame that suits your interior and your taste, there is an endless choice in mantelpiece mirrors.

On this page you can find examples of various fireplace mirrors, these mirrors are exclusive and can only be ordered at Barokspiegel!

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-28% Mirror Nino Silver Taupe with silver bead
Mirror Nino Silver Taupe with silver bead
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Wooden frame and faceted glass
Colored with silver foil
€179,95 €129,95
-28% Mirror Nino
Mirror Nino
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Simple but tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€179,95 €129,95
-21% Mirror Ponzio Antiquesilver-black
Mirror Ponzio Antiquesilver-black
€189,95 €149,95
-11% Mirror Benedetta
Mirror Benedetta
5 formats
5 colors
Handmade from solid wood
€179,95 €159,95
-13% Mirror Isabella
Mirror Isabella
€239,95 €209,95
-27% Mirror Olimpia
Mirror Olimpia
Richly decorated frame.
Italian design with a natural look.
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet.
€299,95 €219,95
-12% Mirror Alec
Mirror Alec
€249,95 €219,95
-15% Mirror Adriane
Mirror Adriane
Elegant Mediterranean baroque
Timeless look
Authentically artisan colored
€259,95 €219,95
-15% Mirror Tate Satin black large 76mm
Mirror Tate Satin black large 76mm
€269,95 €229,95
-23% Mirror Natalia
Mirror Natalia
Solid wood frame
Suspension milled, hangs tightly to the wall.
Choice of 7 colours
€309,95 €239,95
-20% Mirror Agnese
Mirror Agnese
€299,95 €239,95
-22% Mirror Dax
Mirror Dax
€319,95 €249,95
-16% Mirror Romeo
Mirror Romeo
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Italian design
€309,95 €259,95
-16% Mirror Marina
Mirror Marina
versatile oval mirror
faceted glass
traditionally produced in Italy
€309,95 €259,95
-16% Mirror Rufino
Mirror Rufino
Finished with a nice crest
Tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€319,95 €269,95
-16% Mirror Carlo Venezia
Mirror Carlo Venezia
Classic Italian mirror
Miralite Pure glass with facet
€319,95 €269,95
-18% Mirror Nunzia
Mirror Nunzia
high level of finishing
frame width of no less than 16 cm
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
€329,95 €269,95
-16% Mirror Giorgina
Mirror Giorgina
€319,95 €269,95
-19% Mirror Christiana
Mirror Christiana
€419,95 €339,95
-19% Mirror Leontina
Mirror Leontina
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Grown Robinia wood
€429,95 €349,95
-12% Mirror Marciano
Mirror Marciano
Classic mirror decorated with ornaments
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet
Italian design
€489,95 €429,95
-16% Mirror Bella
Mirror Bella
Stylish wooden frame
Hand-made and colored
Charming details of flower and leaf motif
€509,95 €429,95
-10% Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Brand: "De Zwart Mirrors"
Special and very exclusive mirror
Handmade of very high quality
€489,95 €439,95
-26% Mirror Raul
Mirror Raul
Can be made with or without a corner ornament
Choose from 6 colors!
Italian customization
€689,95 €509,95

Grote exclusieve spiegel Allesandro

Schouwspiegel met kuif Rufino

Cannelure spiegel Cesarino

Ronde spiegel Natalia

ronde spiegel goud boven open haard schouw op schoorsteenmantel

ronde spiegel boven schouw open haard op schoorsteenmantel

Exclusieve spiegel modern klassiek Carlo

Moderne spiegel Tate

basic spiegel op schouw zilver

Minimalistische spiegel Tate met smalle zwarte rand

Moderne en strakke spiegel Tate in satijn zwart,

Spiegel op maat Academie

Zwarte spiegel gouden rand boven open haard

Ronde spiegel met brede rand Brunella

Spiegel met toog Alec

mooie schouwspiegel zilver

Mediterrane barok spiegel uit Italië Adriane

schouwspiegel goud gooisch interieur

zilvern barok spiegel boven schouw

Moderne spiegel Paride

Zwarte schouwspiegel modern

moderne zwarte spiegel boven schouw

Italiaanse spiegel met parelketting

Tijdloos Italiaans met cannelure en parels

 Schouwspiegel antiekgoud klassieke-spiegel-Cesarino-antiekgoud-cannelure

Toogspiegel In Louis Philippe stijl

Ontdek meer over spiegel Pico

Ronde design spiegel Nunzia

Moderne zwarte spiegel boven schouw

Barok spiegel met laurierblad en bessen boven schouw

Grote zwarte schouwspiegel Rufino

Klassieke schouwspiegel Rufino met kuif

Tijdloze klassieke spiegel Ethan

Schouwspiegel goud barok potkachel

Which mirror do I place above my fireplace?

That you place a mantel mirror above a fireplace or mantel already becomes clear from the name. But then the question remains: which mirror do I choose for this purpose? Often round and oval mirrors are placed above the fireplace. Also, arched mirrors are very popular, which is a characteristic combination. Both mirror and mantelpiece stand out above a mantelpiece. Or what about a crested mirror, where the decorative crest can match the style of the fireplace? A larger rectangular mirror will also look beautiful above the fireplace. For example, if you have a very wide fireplace or wall, or if your fireplace is on a corner wall, the rectangular mirror will fit perfect. 

What size fits best?

This really depends on the space and the height of the fireplace. It is best if the mirror is no wider than the mantel itself. For a rectangular mirror, my advice is to leave a gap of 1/4 of the width of the chimney on both sides. For a round mirror the width may overlap a bit, because of its shape the overlap looks very different from a rectangular mirror.

How do I install the mirror?

With our mirrors, the hanging attachment is always mounted to the mirror frame, both horizontally and vertically, so you don't have to do anything about that yourself.
You can therefore hang the mirror beautifully, leaving a little space between the mirror and the chimney (usually between 5 and 15 cm).
For large and wide fireplace mirrors we recommend hanging the mirror on two hooks to distribute the weight well. Read our hanging advice here.
What is also very nice, is to place the mirror on the mantelpiece in the same principle as a floor mirror. Again, it is wise to anchor the mirror to the wall.

What color do I choose for my fireplace mirror?

You can take several factors into account. For example, do you have a black fireplace? Then it can be very nice to choose a black mirror. The styles of the mirror and the chimney match and you create a successful combination of mirror and chimney. Of course, this is taste-based. A white, gold or silver mirror also fits beautifully. Do not forget to take the color of your wall into account when deciding on the color of the mirror frame.

Questions or in need of more advice? You can always call me or send me a message via Whats App at 0031 621516836 .

With mirror greetings,

Michelle, the mirror stylist of Barokspiegel.

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