Golden baroque mirrors, antique gold, yellow gold and rich gold

Atmospheric mirrors in the classic colors gold, antique gold, yellow gold or rich gold, order online your golden mirror

All our gold mirrors are hand-colored in Europe (Italy or England) with gold leaf battle metal in our exclusive mirror workshops.
Due to this each gold mirror is unique and exclusive and can only be ordered at

-16% Mirror Rufino Antiquegold
Mirror Rufino Antiquegold
Finished with a nice crest
Tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€319,95 €269,95
-19% Mirror Mick Gold
Mirror Mick Gold
€309,95 €249,95
-21% Mirror Prague Burned gold
Mirror Prague Burned gold
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-15% Mirror Evan
Mirror Evan
€129,95 €109,95
-9% Mirror Ethan gold
Mirror Ethan gold
Best sold
Fast at home
€109,95 €99,95
-22% Mirror Dax Gold
Mirror Dax Gold
€319,95 €249,95
-10% Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Brand: "De Zwart Mirrors"
Special and very exclusive mirror
Handmade of very high quality
€489,95 €439,95
-12% Mirror Antonio Napoli Gold
Mirror Antonio Napoli Gold
Characteristic tough baroque mirror
Handmade and colored in Italy
Solid wood and customization possible
€499,95 €439,95
-9% Mirror Liam
Mirror Liam
€109,95 €99,95
-21% Mirror Ponzio Antiquegold-black
Mirror Ponzio Antiquegold-black
€189,95 €149,95
-13% Mirror Quirino Gold
Mirror Quirino Gold
Opulent mirror in rococo style
hand colored with gold or silver leaf metal strike
faceted mirror glass
€689,95 €599,95
-21% Mirror Cesarino Antiquegold
Mirror Cesarino Antiquegold
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Wooden frame with beveled glass
Stained with gold foil and patinated
€189,95 €149,95
-13% Mirror Romano Gold
Mirror Romano Gold
Wide frame of 14 cm and tightly finished
Use as floor mirror or wall mirror
European product made according to traditional methods
€529,95 €459,95
-11% Mirror Bradley
Mirror Bradley
€179,95 €159,95
-13% Mirror Osvaldo Antiquegold-Black
Mirror Osvaldo Antiquegold-Black
Baroque mirror with corner ornaments
Hand gilded
Italian design
€379,95 €329,95
-13% Mirror Quirino Antiquegold
Mirror Quirino Antiquegold
Opulent mirror in rococo style
hand colored with gold or silver leaf metal strike
faceted mirror glass
€689,95 €599,95
-13% Mirror Vince
Mirror Vince
Frame 21 cm Wide
Solid wood
€609,95 €529,95
-16% Mirror Romeo Antiquegold
Mirror Romeo Antiquegold
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Italian design
€309,95 €259,95
-9% Mirror Glenn Gold
Mirror Glenn Gold
€219,95 €199,95
-12% Mirror Alec Gold
Mirror Alec Gold
€249,95 €219,95
-16% Mirror Romeo Gold
Mirror Romeo Gold
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Italian design
€309,95 €259,95
-12% Mirror Mauro Antiquegold
Mirror Mauro Antiquegold
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
€499,95 €439,95
-13% Mirror Romano Antiquegold
Mirror Romano Antiquegold
Tough wide frame in antique gold
Use as floor mirror or wall mirror
European product made according to traditional methods
€529,95 €459,95
-16% Mirror Carlo Antiquegold
Mirror Carlo Antiquegold
Classic Italian mirror
Miralite Pure glass with facet
€319,95 €269,95

How are our gold mirrors colored?

A nice gold mirror frame is colored with gold leaf percussion metal. Because this is done with thin sheets you can see the craft and it gives the gold mirror frame extra character and value.
The gold color is the pure gold leaf without any processing.
Antique gold is colored with gold leaf tusk metal, then patinated for an antique look.

The gold differences

Per mirror and supplier the color gold can differ.
At all mirrors are made and coloured in Europe in an authentic way with gold leaf battering metal!

What are the differences in the color gold with the competitor?

Cheap mirrors will be sprayed gold, with saw lists the gold is often a machine film layer.
Authentic mirror frames are always colored with gold leaf battle metal.
Unless it comes from the far east (China), then it is mass production and that has nothing to do with authentic anymore either.

Why a gold mirror?

The color gold stands for luxury, brilliance, wealth, glamor and gives warmth to your interior. 
A mirror frame in the color gold is a true classic and can be combined very well with different interior design styles, modern mirrors, classic mirrors, baroque mirrors and more.
Gold is timeless, 
The choice is therefore mostly up to your personal taste and the interior.
Need more advice? Contact our mirror stylist for free advice.

Golden crested mirror

Tinted mirrors in the color gold are often used above a fireplace. In our range we also offer a large golden crested mirror of 2 meters high! Wonderful to use in the hall-bedroom-dressing room as a fitting mirror or in old houses as a mantelpiece with mega high ceilings.
Gold mirror round or oval
A large oval design mirror of 120 cm with a wide golden edge? We have that in our range as well! You can even choose the color gold or antique gold because the mirror is specially made and colored for you in our mirror atelier in Italy. 
Check out our range of round and oval gold mirrors here.

Large gold mirror

We love large gold mirrors with a striking wide baroque frame. Because we are producers ourselves we design unique gold mirrors that are handmade and hand-colored in Italy.
Gold mirrors of 150, 180, 200 to 235 meters. Different gold coloring techniques are applied with gold leaf battle metal, patina, rotten Stone but also multi-colored hand-colored mirror frames.

Why buy a gold mirror at

100% made in Europe (Italy and England)
Miralite pure mirror glass (extra clear, without lead and copper, 30% recycled, 1035 standard)
Large mirrors, extra thick and safe glass
Suspension brackets mounted horizontally and vertically
Free specialist transport in NL (BE a small shipping contribution)

2 years guarantee
Unique and exclusive range
High quality materials
Handcrafted from own production
Fair price no costs to wholesaler or importer

Need help choosing a gold wall, floor or mirror?

We are here for you with practical tips, technical assistance and free styling advice.

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