Black baroque mirrors with frame in matt black or gloss black

Unique black baroque mirrors and modern mirrors in a flat or elegant frame of matt black or gloss black. Also huge mirrors!

A unique collection of black mirrors, black crest mirrors, black round or oval mirrors, black rectangular mirrors. Custom mirrors in the color black are also possible!

-11% Mirror Edmundo Black matt
Mirror Edmundo Black matt
Low price!
Elegant and Chique
Solid wood finished in black matt
€439,95 €389,95
-10% Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Brand: "De Zwart Mirrors"
Special and very exclusive mirror
Handmade of very high quality
€489,95 €439,95
-21% Mirror Prague Black gloss
Mirror Prague Black gloss
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-13% Mirror Osvaldo Silver-Black
Mirror Osvaldo Silver-Black
Baroque mirror with corner ornaments
Hand gilded
Italian design
€379,95 €329,95
-9% Mirror Ethan black
Mirror Ethan black
Best sold
Fast at home
€109,95 €99,95
-13% Mirror Quirino Black
Mirror Quirino Black
Opulent mirror in rococo style
hand colored with gold or silver leaf metal strike
faceted mirror glass
€689,95 €599,95
-13% Mirror Osvaldo Antiquegold-Black
Mirror Osvaldo Antiquegold-Black
Baroque mirror with corner ornaments
Hand gilded
Italian design
€379,95 €329,95
-13% Mirror Romano Black
Mirror Romano Black
Tough wide frame in matte or high-gloss black
Use as floor mirror or wall mirror
European product made according to traditional methods
€529,95 €459,95
-12% Mirror Antonio Napoli Antiqueblack
Mirror Antonio Napoli Antiqueblack
Characteristic tough baroque mirror
Handmade and colored in Italy
Solid wood and customization possible
€499,95 €439,95
-16% Mirror Rufino Black
Mirror Rufino Black
Finished with a nice crest
Tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€319,95 €269,95
-13% Mirror Enzo Black
Mirror Enzo Black
Made of solid wood, gloss and matt black possible
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Customisation possible
€479,95 €419,95
-21% Mirror Cesarino Black
Mirror Cesarino Black
€189,95 €149,95
-26% Mirror Raul Black
Mirror Raul Black
Can be made with or without a corner ornament
High gloss or matte black
Italian customization
€689,95 €509,95
-12% Mirror Guido Black
Mirror Guido Black
Italian mirror classic baroque
Miralite pure glass with facet
€499,95 €439,95
-16% Mirror Carlo Black
Mirror Carlo Black
Classic Italian mirror
Miralite Pure glass with facet
€319,95 €269,95
-28% Mirror Nino Black
Mirror Nino Black
Finished with a bead-pearl border
Wooden frame and faceted glass
Colored in matte black
€179,95 €129,95
-20% Mirror Fender - Black
Mirror Fender - Black
€459,95 €369,95
-14% Mirror Pico Black
Mirror Pico Black
Timeless, minimalist and classy
Narrow list from Italy with pearl edging
Unique and only for sale here

Timeless, minimalist and classy
Narrow list from Italy with pearl edging
Unique and only for sale here
€289,95 €249,95
-22% Mirror Dax Black
Mirror Dax Black
€319,95 €249,95
-16% Mirror Romeo Black
Mirror Romeo Black
High level of finishing
Hand gilded
Italian design
€309,95 €259,95
-12% Mirror Mauro Black
Mirror Mauro Black
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
€499,95 €439,95
-12% Mirror Marciano Black
Mirror Marciano Black
Classic mirror decorated with ornaments
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet
Italian design
€489,95 €429,95
-13% Mirror Francesco Black
Mirror Francesco Black
Limited Edition
High gloss black lacquered
Delivery from stock
€559,95 €489,95
-13% Mirror Osvaldo Antiquesilver-Black
Mirror Osvaldo Antiquesilver-Black
Baroque mirror with corner ornaments
Hand gilded
Italian design
€379,95 €329,95

Large black mirror or full length mirror

Black is back!

Immediately upon browsing our mirror store you will be introduced to beautiful large black mirrors with all its grandeur!
Black mirrors are fully embraced again in the interior styling of our time.
The words that best describe large black mirrors are imposing, luxurious and allure.

Only high quality and durable materials are used, whose character and black color determine the subdued and timeless atmosphere.

A large black mirror or full length mirror comes in many different styles, modern mirrors, classic mirrors, baroque mirrors and more.

The choice is therefore mostly up to your personal taste and the interior.
Need more advice? You can contact our mirror stylist for free.

Black crested mirror

Tinted mirrors in the color black are often used above a fireplace. In our range we also offer a large black crested mirror of 2 meters high! Beautiful to use in the hall-bedroom-dressing room as a fitting mirror or in old houses as a mantelpiece with mega high ceilings.
Black mirror round or oval
A large oval design mirror of 120 cm with a wide black edge? We have that in our range as well! You can even choose from the color matte black or high gloss black because the mirror is specially made and colored for you in our mirror atelier in Italy. 
Check out our range of round and oval black mirrors here.

Why buy a black mirror at

100% made in Europe (Italy and England)
Miralite pure mirror glass (extra clear, without lead and copper, 30% recycled, 1035 standard)
Large mirrors, extra thick and safe glass
Suspension brackets mounted horizontally and vertically
Free specialist transport in NL (BE a small shipping contribution)

2 years guarantee
Unique and exclusive range
High quality materials
Handcrafted from own production
Fair price no costs to wholesaler or importer

Need help choosing a black wall, floor or mirror?

We are here for you with practical tips, technical assistance and free styling advice.

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