Baroque mirrors, a large and unique range of mirrors

Baroque mirrors, a large and unique range for sale online! Also large baroque mirrors up to 2.5 meters.

French élégance, English cottage, Milano chic

Our beautiful collection of baroque mirrors with rustic flair and a timeless look.
Each one is handcrafted with natural materials and a naturally held finish.
The beautiful handcraft gives each mirror its own character.

Which baroque mirror will you choose, the French elegance, the English cottage or for the chic Milano?

-23% Mirror Ethan
Mirror Ethan
Best sold
Temporary 25% discount
€129,95 €99,95
-9% Mirror William
Mirror William
Exclusive and unique
Ornaments with crowns.
Luxurious appearance
€109,95 €99,95
-21% Mirror Prague Burned gold
Mirror Prague Burned gold
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-15% Mirror Evan
Mirror Evan
€129,95 €109,95
-16% Mirror Rufino
Mirror Rufino
Finished with a nice crest
Tasteful and chic
Wooden frame and faceted glass
€319,95 €269,95
-18% Mirror Luciana
Mirror Luciana
Made of solid wood and hand-colored
Origin Italy and Miralite Pure glass
Customization possible
€439,95 €359,95
-15% Mirror Adriane
Mirror Adriane
Elegant Mediterranean baroque
Timeless look
Authentically artisan colored
€259,95 €219,95
-20% Mirror Agnese
Mirror Agnese
€299,95 €239,95
-10% Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Mirror Allesandro Shabby Black-Gold
Brand: "De Zwart Mirrors"
Special and very exclusive mirror
Handmade of very high quality
€489,95 €439,95
-27% Mirror Olimpia
Mirror Olimpia
Richly decorated frame.
Italian design with a natural look.
Miralite Pure mirror glass with facet.
€299,95 €219,95
-21% Mirror Prague Black gloss
Mirror Prague Black gloss
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-12% Mirror Letizia
Mirror Letizia
Made of solid wood and origin Italy
Faceted glass and Miralite Pure glass
Hand colored
€1.069,95 €939,95
-29% Mirror Sorella
Mirror Sorella
Italian Baroque
artisanal made of solid wood
€339,95 €239,95
-9% Mirror Glenn
Mirror Glenn
€219,95 €199,95
-9% Mirror Liam
Mirror Liam
€109,95 €99,95
-21% Mirror Prague Burned silver
Mirror Prague Burned silver
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-29% Mirror Santa
Mirror Santa
Richly ornamented frame
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
facetted glass
€339,95 €239,95
-13% Mirror Quirino
Mirror Quirino
Opulent mirror in rococo style
hand colored with gold or silver leaf metal strike
faceted mirror glass
€689,95 €599,95
-21% Mirror Prague White gloss
Mirror Prague White gloss
Super Deal!
Glass without lead and copper
Unique character
€339,95 €269,95
-12% Mirror Antonio Napoli
Mirror Antonio Napoli
Characteristic tough baroque mirror
Handmade and colored in Italy
Solid wood and customization possible
€499,95 €439,95
-23% Mirror Roberta
Mirror Roberta
ornament of leaf pattern
made of specially cultivated Robinia wood
facetted glass
€259,95 €199,95
-12% Mirror Mauro
Mirror Mauro
Ornamental frame with fluting
faceted glass
Italian craftsmanship
€499,95 €439,95
-13% Mirror Prague  Antiquesilver medium 52mm
Mirror Prague Antiquesilver medium 52mm
Customization possible
Rich ornament
high-quality softwood
€299,95 €259,95
-16% Mirror Carlo Venezia
Mirror Carlo Venezia
Classic Italian mirror
Miralite Pure glass with facet
€319,95 €269,95

The baroque mirrors of DeZwart mirrors

When you see a DeZwart Mirror, you notice that in this exclusive collection the modern style is perfectly combined with various classical style elements, without any loss of the atmosphere of yesteryear.
These are baroque mirrors that are still authentically colored in Italy, but also where the authentic craft meets a modern jacket.

A great deal of care is taken with the finish and use is made of sustainable, high-quality materials.
All used materials are carefully selected: the wood, the mirror glass but also the screws and mounting brackets. delivers a completely finished mirror where the brackets are already mounted. We also arrange delivery. The only thing you have to do is hang up the mirror.

Baroque mirrors in many colors and sizes

Silver baroque mirrors
Gold baroque mirrors
Black baroque mirrors
White baroque mirrors
Venetian baroque mirror in the colors: gold, antique gold, bright silver, silver, antique silver, matte black, high gloss black, matte white and high gloss white.

The wide choice of many colors, sizes, shapes and styles ensures that you will find a mirror to your liking at 

Baroque dressing mirror

We also offer a large assortment of baroque mirrors, narrow high baroque mirrors, wide high baroque mirrors and custom baroque mirrors.

Custom made baroque mirror

Do you prefer a custom made baroque mirror? Come visit us in our mirror workshop with a large custom made choice in our frame shop (more than 600 frame angles) Or look online at our custom baroque mirrors.

Baroque mirrors for each interior

A baroque mirror is probably the best-selling mirror style in any home.
A baroque mirror is often placed on the fireplace in the living room, but in the hall, bedroom, bathroom or dressing room a baroque mirror also gives a striking atmosphere.

If you want a luxurious atmosphere, look for an oversized or large baroque pass mirror.
Do you want a rural atmosphere, look for a baroque or brocante mirror with specially processed coloring, such as burned black or shabby white.
If you want a romantic or classic atmosphere, look for a baroque mirror with a crest or arch.

With a baroque mirror you make your interior complete!

The largest choice of baroque mirrors

The range is very wide, over 10,000 mirrors divided into more than 300 mirror models that per model on average are available in 10 sizes and 6 colors!

Exclusive baroque mirror

In the middle of Northern Italy at the family business DiBiase, we produce our extremely beautiful baroque mirrors in an authentic way. Truly special and unique thanks to the luxurious, high quality finish.
They do this exclusively for and in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the mirrors are only available at Barokspiegel.

Why buy a baroque mirror at

100% made in Europe (Italy and England)
Miralite pure mirror glass (extra clear, without lead and copper, 30% recycled, 1035 standard)
Large mirrors, extra thick glass and safe glass
Suspension brackets mounted horizontally and vertically
Free specialist transport in NL (BE a small shipping contribution)

2 years guarantee
Unique and exclusive range
High quality materials
Handcrafted from own production
Fair price no costs to wholesaler or importer
Need help choosing a baroque wall, floor or floor mirror?

We are here for you with practical tips, technical assistance and free styling advice.

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